Alpha Testnet ends, Beta Testnet awaits!
1 min readAug 19, 2022


Alpha Testnet statistics

As one journey ends, another begins.

Alpha Testnet has come to a conclusion, where Beta Testnet is around the corner.

Throughout the past 8 months, we have launched Alpha Testnet on different chains. We have launched on Boba Network back in December 2021, on Arbitrum and Polygon in March 2022 and zkSync V2 in April 2022. We also participated in Boba’s WAGMI cohort v2 in which we held 3 trading competitions.

Here are some statistics summed up regarding our Alpha Testnet:

Chains supported: 4

Testnet users: 31,651

On-chain transactions: 185,654

We are extremely delighted with the contribution from our community. The unconditional love and support that was given to us has helped us grow so much as a team and community.

The conclusion of Alpha Testnet also welcomes the start of Beta Testnet which will happen in September 2022.

As mentioned, the Beta Testnet will feature a revamp of UI/UX, cross-chain capability and overall a more intuitive and seamless experience!

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