Community Update — November 2023
2 min readDec 7, 2023


GM! Ready for a November 2023 community update recap?

We got you covered,

1. Backend Optimization ⚙️

Trading UX feeling ⚡⚡ already?
We’ve improved and optimized the @SatisDEX performance via:

🔸Reduce Sequencer response time by 70%
🔸Improve liquidation performance by 50%
🔸Improve matching performance by 40%
🔸Reduce relayer latency by 2X

2. Frontend Optimization ⚙️

Better UI at your service 🫡
Some bugs and updates we fixed to make your trading easier:

🔸 Fixed 1000PEPE display bug
🔸 Resized order form
🔸 Increased chart size

3. Touching brains and cats @EFDevconnect

Attended numerous workshops and gained valuable insights into the layer 3 and the zk space!

4. Upcoming new listings

Want more trading pairs to ape? We heard you!

In the November month, we have been prepping not one, but multiple pair listings for you to perp to your hearts content.

Stay tuned for our official announcement this week! 👀

Stay tuned for updates and start trading on NOW! ➡️

Feel free to contact us at:

Stay tuned for latest updates regarding our Mainnet Alpha: