1H2022 Roadmap’ 1H2022 Roadmap

1H2022 Roadmap

2021 was the year when started. 2022 will be the year when takes off.

After a year of development, was finally introduced to the public in late 2021. We successfully launched our Alpha Testnet and saw over 6,000 unique wallets interacting with it.

Of course, this is just the starting point.

Going into 2022, we have lots of plans lined up to create and develop the best multichain orderbook DEX for the interoperable future.



The Building Process Continues…

From the feedback gathered during the Alpha Testnet, we continue to build out and upgrade the trading interface. New features will be added to enhance user experience.

User Experience Survey and Research

We will conduct a two-phase survey to examine user experience on the current trading platform. Phase 1 involves asking volunteers to complete a comprehension survey. Phase 2 involves A/B testing and multivariate testing where volunteers are given a task-based questionnaire and are asked to screen record their interactions with the trading interface. This would greatly boost our understanding on how volunteers intuitively use the trading interface. With the survey results, we proceed to conduct deep scientific research to develop the most optimal user interface for

Content-related Activities

We plan to hold several content-related contests throughout Q1 in the community. Faithful supporters and winners will be rewarded.

Strategic Partnerships

While we are building out our roadmap, we will also be seeking out strategic partnerships with investors, projects and protocols that can form synergy with

Q2 Private Beta Testnet Launch

We scheduled the launch of Private Beta Testnet to be in Q2. The testnet will be equipped with most of the features planned and be on multiple chains including Arbitrum, Optimism and Boba. Instructions and eligibility to participate in the Private Beta Testnet will be disclosed in due course. Public Beta Testnet Launch

The Public Beta Testnet is finally here! Get a feel of the advanced trading interface before Mainnet Launch.

Apart from the events listed, we have other plans in mind that will be revealed at the appropriate moment. We aim to under promise and overdeliver!

2022 is going to be huge for!

(🌊, 🏜️)

Feel free to contact us at
Stay tuned for latest updates:



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