Alpha Community Call
3 min readMar 7, 2022


Alpha Community Call Recap

Yesterday (6th March 2022), we conducted our first ever Community Call to discuss about Who are we, What are we building, What’s our vision, Why Now? (Potential market size), Partnerships, Roadmap and #Wentoken?
It was a great session with many of you turned up! However, to keep those who were absent updated, here is a summary of what we discussed yesterday in point forms.

To recap,

1.Who are we?

  • Global team from all around the world
  • Team members from the US, France, Portugal, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore
  • Background from crypto, tradfi and tech including Binance, Tezos, Merill Lynch, IBM and etc

2. What is building?

  • The FIRST Multichain Order Book Decentralized Exchange
  • Offering perpetual contracts, equipped with advanced order types
  • Multichain integration provides multiple access points for users to hop on
  • Deep liquidity would provide experience similar to Centralized Exchange
  • Giving the benefit of having your own custody of funds

3. What is the team’s vision?

  • Build the go-to liquidity protocol in DeFi
  • Develop not only trading products but also farming and liquidity providing products
  • User experience being seamless, effortless and fast
  • Accessible for everyone, DAOs, developers, DeFi protocols, yield farmers and traders.

4. Why now?

  • DeFi TVL growth seen 100% YoY growth
  • Ethereum market dominance dropping by over 30%, hence we insist on being multichain
  • Decentralized Exchanges still far from the potential volume relative to Centralized Exchanges
  • Crypto’s derivatives product market size still relative out of proportion to tradfi’s ($1 Quadrillion) , hence why we offer perpetual contracts trading

5. Partnerships

  • Partner and collaborate with all the chains we intend to integrate
  • Partner with Chainlink to obtain price feed updates
  • Partner with different bridges to facilitate efficient bridging of liquidity
  • Open to partner with different DeFi protocols to build synergies
  • User acquisition potential and implementation’s sustainability will be the key decision making factors

6. Roadmap

Q1 — Alpha Testnet was once again a success

Q2 — Beta Testnet launch with multichain accessibility and UI/UX improvements!

Q3 — Mainnet launch with more chains integrated

Q4 — Sigma Mining and L/S-AMM deployment, both liquidity products to support our mutlichain order book

7. Token

  • Plan to do a private community token sale with 2% of total supply
  • *many secrets disclosed* about why we can only do in March 2022, saving the best for Q2.
    Please get more details from the Mods and Members who attended the 1st Community Call


To conclude, Alpha Testnet on Polygon and Arbitrum will be still opened until further notice. We are truly grateful for the reception we have gotten so far, big shoutout to all the community members for making this happen!
To give back to you all, there will be a surprise in the next secret announcement, stay tuned!

Stay tuned for our latest community news in Discord, which includes Wen $SATIS token?

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