Community Update #3
2 min readApr 3, 2022

Month of Trading & Rewards Community Update #3

In the month of March, the team attended the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona. It was a fruitful event as the team has finally gotten the chance to meet the strategic partners in real life.

After meeting with many different parties, we are very pleased with the progress the team has made so far and will proudly present the partnerships in the coming months!

Avalanche Summit in Barcelona

So what’s next for the community?

We have several major partnership announcements lined up and a great deal for our community members in the month of April!

This month, we will be hosting 3 trading competitions!

  1. 1st Trading Competition (8th-17th April 2022)
  2. 2nd Trading Competition (20-29th April 2022)
  3. Special Trading Competition (20–29th April 2022)

These trading competitions are organized in conjunction with Boba Network’s WAGMI v2 incentives program. More details about the trading competitions will be revealed in the upcoming post.

To learn more about Boba Network’s WAGMI v2Incentives Program, visit:

Feel free to contact us at

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