Community Update #4
1 min readMar 8, 2023


Month of Excitements!

The Upcoming Month is Full of Excitement: Our Product is Finally Launching!

We’re excited to announce that our long-awaited product is finally launching very soon! After years of hard work, we’re thrilled to bring - the First Multi-chain Order Book Decentralized Exchange to DeFi.

From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to create something truly special. is unlike any other DEXes on the market. If you’re reading this, you’re early.

But launching a product isn’t just about creating something amazing — it’s also about getting the word out. In the coming weeks, we’ll be ramping up our marketing efforts to ensure that our product gets the attention it deserves. From partnerships to AMAs, we’re leaving no stone unturned when it comes to spreading the word about

Stay tuned. ⏰👀

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