Goddess Meets Metis

It is of great celebration that on this auspicious day that we announce that, the Egyptian Goddess of Fertility and Metis, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom & Prudence have met! 👸🏼 👸🏻

They will join hand-in hand to build a mythical synergy in the world of blockchain with a combined touch in DeFi. To commemorate this partnership, will be launching her Alpha Testnet on Metis on February 28th. (tentatively)

About Metis

To provide some history on the Greek Goddess & her network, Metis is an Ethereum Layer 2 rollup platform. Metis aims to address the noble king Ethereum’s transaction speeds, cost, scalability and affordable storage. Metis also provides support for multiple, interconnected rollups with a main focus on supporting easy creation of DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Companies). Only an undertaking a Goddess can take!

Metis is currently ranked #3 in TVL according to

To learn more about Metis, please visit:

We are very excited about this BIG GODDESS ENERGY so stay tuned to witness this mythology turn into reality!

Stay tuned for our latest community news in Discord, which includes but not limited to Alpha Testnet on Metis, OG Osiris role and Wen $SATIS token?

Feel free to contact us at:

Stay tuned for latest updates:






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