’ Trading Competition on Boba Network — WAGMI v2 tokens to be won! Trading Competition on Boba Network

The time is finally here for the launch of Trading Competition on Boba Mainnet in conjunction with Boba Network’s WAGMI v2 Incentives Program!

Here’s what you need to know!


  • There will be 2 Rounds of competitions + 1 Special round carried out in the month of April.
  • The competition is taking place on Boba Mainnet hence you will have to claim trading tokens through faucet (ONCE per wallet per competition) and every trade made will require a small sum of ETH as for gas. (approximately 0.0002 for claiming faucet and 0.0003 for posting orders)
  • The Trading Competition token will be provided by us through the faucet (link will be provided in Discord). It is called “T5” and it serves the function of USDT. Each participant will be able to claim 10,000 of “T5” tokens in each competition.
  • Top 3 ranked traders will be rewarded with prizes in WAGMI v2 tokens. Traders’ rankings will be based on “Realized PnL” and can be checked through the leaderboard in Discord.
  • WAGMI v2 tokens rewarded can be converted into $BOBA tokens in 1:1 ratio.


Round 1 Trading Competition
Date: 8th — 17th April
Prize pool: 10,000 WAGMI v2 tokens!
(1st: 6,000; 2nd: 2,500; 3rd: 1,500)
Eligibility: FREE for all

Round 2 Trading Competition
Date: 20th — 29th April
Prize pool: 17,500 WAGMI v2 tokens!
(1st: 10,000; 2nd: 5,000; 3rd: 2,500)
Eligibility: FREE for all

Special Trading Competition
Date: 20th — 29th April
Prize pool: 35,000 WAGMI v2 tokens!
(1st: 20,000; 2nd: 10,000; 3rd: 5,000)
Eligibility: Hold 5,000 worth of USDC, USDT or in ETH on Boba Mainnet throughout the competition period (snapshots will be taken before and after the period)
All eligible traders will receive WAGMI v2 airdrops and TOP 3 will win the extra prize money.

The Trading Competition will be on Boba Mainnet and will begin on the dates above at 1200 UTC and ends at 1159 UTC. Rankings are based on “Realized PnL”, hence traders must close their positions before the end of the competitions.

A leaderboard has been set up in Discord for traders to check their rankings.

During the competition, new traders are welcome to join using the same faucet page.

Important links:
How to bridge ETH to Boba:
List of other bridges:

Official links can be found in Discord for:
1. on Boba Mainnet (where competition is held)
2. Faucet for Competition Tokens “T5” (serves as USDT)

We will also be hosting Boba Network in a Twitter Space on 8th April at 2000 UTC to talk about our roadmap, Trading Competitions on Boba Mainnet and etc.
Join us here:

To learn more about Boba Network’s WAGMI v2Incentives Program, visit:

Feel free to contact us at

Stay tuned for latest updates:



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