The Three Pillars of — The Revolutionary Order Book DEX
3 min readJul 26, 2023


Capital Efficiency drives the next DeFi Revolution. Think of capital as the vital essence of a DEX, the more the market capital can reach, the more growth and activity it allows. In the current landscape, DEXs face the challenge of capital inefficiency due to liquidity fragmentation across different blockchains. This prevents retail and investors to access and leverage the full potential of their capital. presents the three fundamental pillars that form the foundation of our platform:

  1. Concentrated liquidity
  2. Seamless Execution
  3. Self-Custody

Concentrated Liquidity vision is to create a platform that achieves a comprehensive, concentrated liquidity pool accessible to users. Our approach is clear: Order book is designed to be asset agnostic, capable of extending to EVM-compatible chains to facilitate deep liquidity into ONE order book, promoting composability and offering flexibility for a wide range of applications and participants.

As a result, this concentrated liquidity empowers users to engage in what is known as ‘Remote Trading’, granting them the freedom to trade from any of the supported chains based on individual preference in our trading platform. For example: you can leave your stablecoin on Ethereum (layer 1) and trade perpetuals from zkSync Era (layer 2). This combination provides an efficient way to participate in the DEX ecosystem and enjoy the best of both worlds — the security of Ethereum and the high throughput speed of zkSync Era.

Expanding on our Concentrated Liquidity, we have an extensive lineup of products under the ‘Liquidity Ensemble’ model, such as Cross-chain Central Limit Order Book that can leverage up to 100x, Long/Short-Automated Market Maker that balances and deepens liquidity, and Sigma Mining that helps close spread and opens flexible parameters for users to optimize yield.

All the products above share a common objective: building deep and healthy liquidity. In short, specifically prioritizes capital efficiency, making it highly adaptable for a frictionless and decentralized trading experience, replacing the need for CEXs and handing control back to the user.

Seamless Execution leverages zkSync Era to harness its high throughput and low transaction costs, enhancing order book functionality. In addition, our architecture provides a low-latency alternative central-limit order book (CLOB) for traders looking to place limit orders and execute automated trading strategies. Moreover, the sequencer layer architecture not only facilitates swift trades but also contributes to the reduction of Miner Extractable Value (MEV) on Ethereum Layer 1.

The combination of’ lightning-fast performance and efficient liquidity utilization results in a trading experience that rivals top centralized exchanges, while maintaining the advantages of self-custody, transparency, and autonomy inherent to DeFi, creating an unmatched and user-friendly DEX experience.

Self-Custody fundamental design revolves around its Central Limit Order Book (CLOB), resembling mechanisms found in traditional finance or CEX, but with the added perks of full decentralization and permissionless attributes. This empowers users to bypass middle parties and directly interact with a smart contract for executing trades from an order book.

It is the utmost priority to ensure our users maintain complete control over their funds at all times. There are no central intermediaries that hold your private keys; instead, your funds are safeguarded by smart contracts while using our platform.

In conclusion, stands at the forefront of the next DeFi revolution, driven by our commitment to concentrated liquidity, seamless execution, and self-custody. As the DEX ecosystem continues to evolve, paves the way for a decentralized and user-centric trading landscape, empowering individuals to harness the true potential of their capital without compromising on security or control.


The Mainnet Alpha launch represents a significant milestone in our journey. Building upon your feedback and expertise, we have built — The Revolutionary Order Book DEX which features concentrated liquidity, provides seamless execution and self-custody for traders.

Stay tuned for our Mainnet Alpha launch!

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