Introducing’ Beta Testnet
4 min readSep 26, 2022

--’ Beta Testnet is Live!

After a successful Alpha Testnet with 32000 users and 185000 on-chain transactions, we are excited to announce that Beta Testnet is now LIVE!

Throughout Alpha Testnet, we received numerous constructive feedback and ideas from our community on how to improve our product. We have gone through the long list of 500+ suggestions and have since developed some new features paid with UI/UX improvements that can be seen in this Beta Testnet. Here is a summary of them.

  1. Multi-chain Integration

We were previously running our Alpha Testnet separately on Arbitrum, Boba, Polygon and zkSync V2. This time, as we would like to deliver smoother transitions between networks, we have integrated all networks and added a few more chains, total of 7, which will be Arbitrum, Avalanche, Boba, Ethereum (Rinkeby), Optimism, Polygon and zkSync V2, and you can now switch between different networks to concentrate your USDT/USDC and even trade seamlessly.

We call this
【Cross-chain Collateral】 — where users can concentrate their USDT/USDC from different chains by depositing as collateral and to be locked in a smart contract

【Remote Trading】— where users can choose and trade on their preferred network regardless of where the collateral is posted.

Wallet page with Cross-chain Collateral feature

2. Wallet Page

We are supporting USDT and USDC currently, hence in the Wallet page you can see separated wallets for different stablecoin, in this case, USDT and USDC. Users can now deposit through different networks and the wallet card will showcase the TOTAL USDT/USDC users have deposited so far, regardless of chains.

3. Dark Mode

New Dark Mode

Users can now trade in Dark theme! Just click the 3 Dots on the right corner and select “Dark Theme”!

New Market List

4. Market List Revamp

The placement of information in the market list has been re-arranged. New sorting features are now available, you can now sort according to different criteria (e.g. alphabetically for product names, ascending & descending for numbers). We have also added a favourite button next to the product name. Once the button is clicked, the product will be saved in the favourite tab. You can visit your favourite trading pairs under the favourite tab conveniently.

New Trade Page

5. Trade Page Revamp

Firstly, at the upper section of the trade page, we have added a banner for quick links to different trading pairs. You can now visit other trading pairs without going back to the market list.

Secondly, more information of the current trading pair has been provided including the mark price, current funding rates and a timer counting down to the next funding rate.

In addition, when you click on either the name or the icon of the current trading pair, a drop down menu will appear which essentially is a market list. We have added these features with the aim to reduce the hassle for switching pages back and forth. You are now able to switch and trade between pairs as fast as you can.

New Order Form

5. Order Form Revamp

Design of the order form has also been improved, we have added sliders to the order size field and the leverage level. You can either input numbers into these two fields or adjust the values sliding the sliders. A new time in force policy, good till time (GTT), is also added. You can now set an order to expire at a given date and time.

6. My Position & Open Orders

A whole new layout is implemented for the My Position and Open Orders tab. More information about your position and orders will be displayed horizontally. You can obtain a whole picture of all your current positions and open orders at a glance. Margin and Leverage level can now directly be changed with the edit button. Two new buttons (Limit Close & Market Close) have also been added for positions. By clicking on the buttons, you can now directly close your position either at the market price or at a limit price.

We are sincerely thank our community for the contribution for the past 9 months. The unconditional love and support that was given to us has helped us grow so much as a team and community.

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